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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. serves as the governance association for the Lake Front Royal community
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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.

POA Minutes

March 16th 2021 Meeting Minutes

Digital Attachement

Lake Front Royal POA

Quarterly Board of Directors Meeting

March 16, 2021

Online via Google Meet

The first quarterly Lake Front Royal POA Board of Directors meeting took place online on March 16, 2021. President Bob Roush called the annual Board of Directors meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

The meeting was scheduled to start at 6:00 pm but due to Ms. Darie’s oversight it started almost 30 min late.

Those in attendance and constituting the quorum were:

Board Members:


Bob Roush, President

Ken Harvey, Treasurer

Paul Castle, Chair

Jim Barnes, Vice President

Maria Darie, Secretary

Others Present:

5 other owners: Katie Tennant, Johnnie Hudak, Arash Rohani, Renee Gustafson

Intro to the annual meeting

Mr. Roush started the meeting and mentioned that there is nobody in attendance from the county. He added that the county could not send a person as they have problems with their computers.

MOTION by Mr. Roush:  Move to approve the agenda for the meeting.

Seconded by Mr. Barnes and passed without dissent.

MOTION by Mr. Roush:  Move to approve the Minutes from the November 7th, 2020 Board of Directors meeting.

Seconded by Mr. Barnes and passed without dissent.

President’s Report covered the following items:

  • County Contract
  • Capital Improvement Plan


Mr. Roush sent the final version of the revised county contract to the Board of Directors on the afternoon of March 16th. He mentioned that the original contract was 27 pages but after working with POA’s lawyer and the county’s lawyer the final proposed contract is no 7-8 pages.

Mr. Roush asked the Board to meet within two weeks, subsequent to the Board meeting from March 16th to take a vote on the contract.

Mr. Ken Harvey added that the Board could approve the contract at this meeting as it is a contract well – written and that it protects the POA.

Ms. Darie asked if there is a termination clause and for how many days. Mr. Roush responded that should we as POA not be happy with the performance of the Sanitary District (SD) we have 90 days to give notice and cancel contracts.

County collects our operating expenses, and at this time the POA receives approximately $15,000 on annual basis ($45 per lot).

MOTION by Ken Harvey:  Move to approve POA’s contract with the county.

Seconded by Mr. Barnes and passed without dissent.

Mr. Roush will sign the contract and will deliver the contract to the county lawyer on March 19, 2021 and will stop using the POA’s lawyer on this matter.

Mr. Roush continued to add that it appears we are in good shape financially and moved the discussion to the Capital improvement plan.

Secretary’s Report

Ms. Darie did not present a report.

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Harvey presented Treasurer’s Report. He used a shared screen and showed the POA’s “Profit and Loss” for calendar 2020. Mr. Harvey went over each category of the assets and liabilities. Mr. Harvey mentioned that we will have our accountant file taxes now and then we will post this report to the POA’s website.

Mr. Roush added that we have more money at the county, and he will try to find the exact amount.

Mr. Barnes asked about parking lot and increasing the number of the parking lots.

Mr. Roush said we plan to move the fence towards the lake, while the long - term planning is to actually have a section for parking in the middle of the space.

Mr. Harvey asked that we add to our next meeting’s agenda an item about rules and regulations.

Mr. Barnes asked if the Board of Directors can adopt any changes or if we need to have a vote from the community.

Mr. Harvey responded that any changes to the rules and regulations will need to be approved by the POA.

Next meeting

Mr. Roush suggested the Board will meet again in two months. After a brief discussion the Board agreed that the next meeting will be schedule for Tuesday May 18th 7:00 pm, via online meeting.

MOTION by Bob Roush:  Motion to adjourn the meeting.

Seconded by Mr. Barnes, motion was adopted without dissent.

The meeting closed at 7:30 pm.