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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. serves as the governance association for the Lake Front Royal community
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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.

January 30, 2014

Digital Attachement

LFRPOA Board of Directors DRAFT Meeting Minutes

Chester Gap Fire Department

42 Waterfall Rd. Chester Gap, VA 22623

Thursday January 30, 2014

7:00 pm


Call to Order: Michael Yoka at 7:02pm

BOD In Attendance: Michael Yoka (President), Azlee Bates (Vice President), Betty Boyd (Treasurer), Dale Spurlock (Secretary) Elaine Ryan (Building, Grounds, Safety and Nominating), Ricky Singleton (Roads), Keith Ogden (Architectural Committee

Quorum Met Yes

Minutes of Last BOD Meeting: Meeting minutes from November 7, 2013 BOD meeting accepted as written.

Election of BOD Officers: Michael Yoka provided a brief history of how prior BOD officers were elected which led to the delayed election of the current BOD officers. He also cited Va. Code that allowed for a secret ballot for the election of officers. All perspective BOD members agreed to use a secret ballot process. The voting results were as follows: President: Michael Yoka Vice President: Azlee Bates Treasurer: Betty Boyd Secretary: Dale Spurlock

All votes were unanimous for the elected person except for the office of Secretary where there was one blank ballot turned in that was counted as an abstention. The results were counted and confirmed by resident Kathy Neal and Dale Spurlock.

Officer’s Reports

President: Michael discussed meeting with the President of the Point of Woods Community regarding ongoing issues that both communities are having and common concerns related to safety. Michael and the President for Point of Woods are working to schedule a meeting with the Sheriff to work to resolve these common concerns.

Michael also mentioned getting a telephone call from WCSO regarding vehicles being parked on the roadways in a manner that blocked access by emergency vehicles.

Vice President: Azlee stated had received speeding complaint from residents regarding vehicle traffic within the community.


On hand 01/30/2014 $ 38,011.93


Emergency Reserve $ 10,000.00
2013/2014 Snow Removal $ 825.00
Total: $ 38,836.93


Noble & Noble $ 425.00
Snow Removal $ 19,175.00
Insurance $ 1,917.00
Taxes $ 334.89
Grounds & Maintenance $ 751.93
Gravel & Grading $ 11,767.76

Secretary: Nothing for the record.

Committee’s Reports

Architectural: Keith Ogden reported that the secondary access point for the community is underway and that there are plans to install a gate. Once this is completed the community will be given some formal information about the emergency gate and it use in times of declared emergency situations.

Articles, Covenants, and By-Laws: By-Laws Committee will continue their work on reviewing the by-laws.

Buildings, Grounds, Safety: Elaine Ryan reported that she completed the self-assessment for the dam. This will be forwarded to the proper authorities to keep the dam current on inspections.

There was a question from the floor about the walking bridge and its replacement. Elaine stated that the plans were already completed and it will be looked at by Dan Hamrick in March. Resident Kathy Neal also asked if the BOD was working to set aside funds for future bridge replacement and the ongoing issue with the sinking vehicle bridge. Michael stated that there may need to be a special assessment to address these issues.

Azlee suggested that the BOD develop a long term plan to set aside projected monies for improvements and repairs long before they become an issue.

Elaine reminded the BOD that there were a number of stumps on the dam that will have to be removed before the next inspection.

Unfinished Business

The parking lot warning sign design was approved by the BOD. Dale will get prices from our normal vendor Hannah Signs and Keith Stated he will get a price from the vendor used by his company to see if he can get a better price.

The matter of the abandoned SUV in the parking lot was addressed and the BOD agreed it was time to remove the vehicle. Betty stated she would call to have the vehicle removed.

The Notice of Firearms Restrictions was approved by the BOD and will be posted at the bulletin board by Dale in the future.

The BOD chose a sign design to warn lake users of the presence on dangerous snakes in the marshy area of the dam. Dale will get a vendor price from an online source that makes these signs for parks.

New Business

Two complaints were received from Daniela McAllister. Michael Yoka read the 1st complaint aloud to those in attendance. Daniela McAllister agreed that the 1st complaint had been remedied by the voting in of BOD members at the beginning of this meeting. Michael suggested that the bylaws be changed to allow for the BOD to be voted upon at the annual meeting. This suggestion will be addressed by the bylaw committee.

Michael Yoka read the 2nd complaint allowed to those in attendance. Michael suggested that the BOD establish a fixed “effective date” for any future by-law changes that take place at the annual meeting. Betty will draft a letter to be sent to community members to address the confusion in the bylaw regarding the date POA fees are due. Dale will post this letter on the bulletin board upon receipt from Betty. Daniela McAllister made no statement to indicate that the suggested actions of the BOD would satisfy her complaint.

The BOD discussed developing a formal RFP process for any vendor or service provider use by the BOD. This would cause all vendors to compete equally for the POA’s business.

The BOD discussed the enforcement of POA regulations regarding the clearing of ditches and spill ways by residents who own the adjacent property. Many of the issues relating to the roadways involve water management and overflow or misdirection of water onto or into the roadway. Dale was asked to draft a letter/notice to be sent to residents when a violation is noted.

BOD discussed establishing a formal contractual relationship will all service providers working for the POA. These contracts would establish expectations and remedies for unsatisfactory service as well as set time limits for contracts and renewal periods.

The BOD discussed the need for all service providers for the POA to have Workman’s Comp Insurance in order to do business with the POA. Elaine asked for the formal vote on this matter but the matter was tabled pending the development of a formal RFP and Contractual process.

Betty asked for an executive session immediately after this meeting to discuss a legal matter relating to the BOD. The BOD voted unanimously to hold an executive session directly after this BOD meeting.

Open Forum

Daniela McAllister inquired about obtaining copies of emails as part of a request for a production/examination of documents. Dale advised that there was no real way to make an estimate of cost without knowing what time frame would have to be searched, redaction time, copying cost, etc.

Daniela McAllister also requested that there be an addition to the next agenda. This addition would request the BOD to develop a complaint process for matters that are not governed by Va. Code or other regulatory bodies in Virginia. Specifically, matters within the community.

Meeting adjourned: Michael adjourned the meeting at 8:42pm