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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. serves as the governance association for the Lake Front Royal community
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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.

November 07, 2013

Digital Attachement

LFRPOA Board of Directors DRAFT Meeting Minutes

Samuels Public Library

330 E. Criser Rd, Front Royal, VA 22630

November 07, 2013 7:00 pm

Call to Order: Azlee Bates (Vice President) called meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

BOD In Attendance: Michael Yoka -­‐ By Telephone (President), Azlee Bates (Vice President), Betty Boyd -­‐ By Telephone (Treasurer), Elaine Ryan (Building, Grounds, Safety and Nominating), and Dale Spurlock (Secretary)

BOD Absent: Ricky Singleton (Road Maintenance)

Minutes of Last BOD Meeting: Meeting minutes for August 15, 2013 meeting read. Minutes will be amended a second time and will be tabled until next BOD meeting. Meeting minutes from September 02, 2013 were not available on this date so these too will be tabled until the next meeting for approval.

Officer’s Reports

President: Nothing for the record.

Vice President: By–Laws committee will be meeting after the first of the year to continue work on editing and proposing amendments to the by-­‐laws.

Treasurer: Collections activity is proceeding with CFW.

Secretary: Nothing for the record.

Committee’s Reports

Architectural: The appointment of Keith Ogden as the head of the Architectural Committee was brought before the board by Michael. Mr. Ogden was not present at the meeting due to a work commitment. Elaine motioned the board for a vote on the appointment. Betty seconded the motion. The vote was five (5) in favor, zero (0) opposed, one (1) absent. Motion passed and Mr. Ogden was appointed to the committee.

Articles, Covenants, and By-­‐Laws: By-­‐Laws Committee will continue their work after the 1st of the year.

Buildings, Grounds, Safety: Elaine Ryan reported that in January 2014 there will be another dam inspection due. This year’s inspection is a self-­‐inspection. The report will go to Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (VDCR) after approval by our engineer. Elaine suggested that future inspections become a line item in future budgets. The dam is inspected every other year and the projected expenditure is approximately $300-­‐$400 per inspection.

Elaine also reported that there has been discussion about ideas to simplify the annual maintenance of the face of the dam. Elaine stated that there was previous discussion about a particular grass seed that would function well for this purpose. However, the normal means of application is hydro-­‐seeding by truck sprayer which would be prohibitive due to the size of the truck and restrictions on driving vehicles on the dam. Elaine will investigate other options.

There was discussion about placing signage in certain areas around the dam due the presence of potentially venomous snakes.

Elaine reported that since the lockable gate was installed there have been no incidents of vandalism or other issues in the cul-­‐ de-­‐sac near the dam.

Unfinished Business

Nothing for the record.

New Business

Azlee brought up the matter of winter parking in the gravel lot. Azlee recommended that any vehicle left in the lot without a parking permit be towed. Betty stated that parking permits are currently being issued to all new residents via their “new resident” packets. Daniela McAllister requested that a more formal mechanism be put into place to complete the distribution of parking permits.

The matter of the complaint made by Gordon Loughlin was brought before the board. Mr. Loughlin addressed the BOD and described his concerns and complaint regarding the matter of his delinquent maintenance fees being sent to collections. After discussion, Mr. Loughlin agreed that the matter could be resolved to his satisfaction if the derogatory information was removed from his credit reports. There was some discussion if there had been any derogatory information reported by CFW. Michael requested a copy of the credit report in question to verify if information had in fact been submitted by CFW. Betty advised that CFW had stated that they had not submitted any derogatory info regarding Mr. Loughlin’s account. Michael requested that Betty follow-­‐up with CFW on the account and get a definitive answer in writing.

The BOD discussed the conflict between previous notices and the current signage as it relates the hours that the lake gates are open and what hours residents are allowed to utilize the lake. The BOD decided to table the matter and Elaine and Dale will research the matter to determine the appropriate hours and/or wording “Sunrise to Sunset” that would best work for the community and for those who have volunteered to open and lock the gates.

The BOD discussed the matter of an increase in the shooting of firearms within the community in the past few months. A BOD member had received 4 verbal complaints about this activity in the past 30 days. Dale cited from the Code of Warren County that Section 177-­‐3 (4) which prohibits the shooting of firearms within Lake Front Royal. Dale recommended that the BOD attempt to get voluntary compliance from residents before involving the Sheriff’s Office. Dale volunteered to create a flyer that details the restriction and will post it at the mailboxes.

The BOD discussed the matter of the growing number of vehicles parking in the gravel lot that appear to be Appalachian Trail (AT) hikers. It appears that on days where the trail head parking is full or when the lower walkway area is flooded by high water, hikers are parking in the gravel lot and walking around the lake to access the trail. One such vehicle was parked in the lot for two weeks and was clearly an AT Hiker and was registered in Loudoun County. The BOD decided to attempt to get voluntary compliance from AT hikers by developing a warning flyer that would be left on their vehicle once it was identified as a non-­‐resident. If this initiative fails, then future vehicles would be towed. Dale agreed to manage this effort and will be documenting any violating vehicles. Should the same vehicle violate the parking restrictions a second time after receiving a warning flyer , it would be towed immediately.

The BOD discussed videotaping all future BOD and Annual meetings. There was some discussion about whether it would be feasible to post the videos on the website. At the time of the meeting, there were still some questions about how this would work and if it would be possible to post them in a manner for residents to see the meetings after-­‐the-­‐fact. Michael volunteered to use his digital camera and tripod at the next meeting. Michael will conduct a pilot test to see if this will work and what issue would have to be addressed in the future.

Open Forum

Daniela McAllister inquired why the meeting minutes for the September 2, 2013 meeting were not included in this meeting. Dale answered by explaining that he did not have those records in his possession since he was not the Secretary at that time. Dale stated that he would seek out those minutes and they would be addressed at the next BOD meeting.

Daniela McAllister inquired why she had received a bill for her Maintenance Fees that did not reflect the due dates that had been previously voted on by the community as a change to the by-­‐laws at the Annual Meeting on September 28, 2013. Betty reported that that amendment to the by-­‐laws would not take effect until next year. Michael confirmed Betty’s statement that the amendment applies to next year’s Maintenance Fees. There was additional discussion as to when an amendment to a by-­‐law takes effect: is it at the point that it is voted on and approved, or is it not until the amended by-­‐law is changed and the new amended by-­‐laws are signed and formally adopted with the President’s and Secretary’s signature? This discussion ended with no clear resolution.

Daniela McAllister requested that future meetings be scheduled in a manner to allow more time for resident input and discussion.

Meeting adjourned: Michael adjourned the meeting at 7:58PM