Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.
Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. serves as the governance association for the Lake Front Royal community
115 Lake Front Road Front Royal VA 22630
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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.

August 15, 2013

Digital Attachement

LFRPOA Board of Directors DRAFT Meeting Minutes

Samuels Public Library

330 E. Criser Rd, Front Royal, VA 22630

August 15, 2013    


Call to Order: Azlee Bates(VicePresident) called meeting to order at 6:08pm.

BOD In Attendance: Azlee Bates(VicePresident), Betty Boyd(Treasurer), Elaine Ryan(Building, Grounds, Safety and Nominating) and Linda McCarty(Secretary)

BOD Absent:      Ricky Singleton(RoadMaintenance)

Community Members in Attendance: No Notes

Minutes of Last BOD Meeting: Meeting minutes amended and approved.

Officer’s Reports

President: Absent

Vice President: No Notes

Treasurer: No Notes

Secretary: No Notes

Committee Reports

Architectural: No Notes

Articles,Covenants,andBy-­‐Laws: No Notes

Buildings,Ground,Safety: No Notes

Unfinished Business


New Business

Discussion about the newly proposed change to the meeting agenda limiting questions to the end of the meeting and allowing 3minutes per person. This is compliant with the VPOAA rules.

Discussion about lot numbers and varying fees depending on if they perc or not, and those people who have been able to consolidate lots thus lowering their fees.

Requested a vote on holding an executive meeting. Explained th epurpose and agenda of the meeting. Affirmative vote made.

Discussion concerning holding a special meeting to have the Board take a formal position on the sanitary district issue. Discussion about varying meeting times and dates to allow for increased participation.

Discussion of the By-­‐Laws Committee. Review of the complaint process.

Meeting adjourned:6:41pm