Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.
Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. serves as the governance association for the Lake Front Royal community
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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.

May 22, 2013

Digital Attachement

LFRPOABoard of Directors Meeting Amended Draft Minutes

22 May2013

7:00 pm

ChesterGap Fire Hall

Call to Order: 7:02 pm

Quorum: Allen Neel (Interim/Acting President); Laura Foster (Vice President); Betty Boyd(Treasurer); Elaine Ryan (Building, Grounds, and Safety);Bruce McClanahan (RoadsChair); Linda McCarthy (Secretary).

Residents in Attendance: Steve Avery, Jim Barr, Kevin Barry, Azlee Bates, Josef Binter,Kareen Binter, Roger Boyd, Paul Castle, Brad Dodds, Deborah Fritts, Carolyn Glascock,Pat Hough, Armando Lopez, Justin Lord, Gordon Loughlin, DanielaMcAllister,Bryan McCarty, Jan McCarty, Andrea Meres, Kathy Neel, Vince Ryan, Kris Sanders,Paul Smith, James Spurlock, Kris Stafira, Roger Stevens, Janice Twele, and Ann Yoka.

Guest Speaker: The meeting opened with a presentation by Mr. Douglas Stanley, CountyAdministrator, speaking on the subject of sanitary districts. Besides a PowerPoin tprogram,Mr. Stanley distributed copies of his lecture slides, as well as a pamphlet outlining the establishment, financing, and management of sanitary districts.Mr. Stanley encouraged those with questions to contact him directly via the Warren County Web page.

Minutes of 2012 Annual Meeting: The minutes were read, amended and accepted as modified.

Minutes of 24 April 2013 Meeting: The minutes were read, amended and accepted as modified.

Officer’s Reports

President: Allen Neel announced his 12 May selection by the Board as Interim/Acting Presidentuntil elections this September during the 2013 Annual Meeting. Justin Lord joinedthe Board, serving as head of the Architectural Committee. Allenalso announced that,owing to the late hour and the amount of time necessarily devotedto the guestspeakerand the reading of two sets of draft minutes, a number of scheduled agenda topics could not be addressed at this time. They will be carried over to thenext Board meeting agendafor consideration.

Vice President: No time to report.

Treasurer: Betty Boyd and Allen introduced an Association budget for Fiscal Year 2013,copies of which were distributed to attendees. To date, the Association has $68,810.97 in available funds, $57,647.31 in liabilities, and $11,163.66 in residual funds. Oneresident suggested a formal audit of Association financial records be instituted.

Allennoted that such investigations are costly, with the least expensiveand least comprehensive versions starting at $5,000. While certainly a worthy proposal, the Association’scurrent economic realities preclude expenditures beyondroad maintenanceandsnow removal responsibilities.

Responding to questions about the Association’s recent arrangement with CFW CreditandCollection Bureau, Inc., Betty stated that our Bylaws permit such actionto deal with delinquentmaintenance fees. According to Betty, anyone who owes money, and who isnotadhering to a payment plan, received a letter fromthe collection agency. She also emphasizedthat the Association receives 100 percent of theoutstanding maintenance feebalancecollected by CFW Credit; delinquent owners are responsible for all costsand chargeslevied by the bureau, including possible legal fees.

Initially,41 accounts were turned over to CFW Credit for remediation; todate, the bureau hascollected $1,660.60 in outstanding maintenance fees.

Another inquiry concerned the length of time a property owner had to make a payment before his or her account was deemed in arrears and, therefore, subject to action byacollectionbureau. A couple of residents cited the 18-month provision in the Association's Rulesand Regulations. Betty noted that the Bylaws stipulated adifferent meaning. Allen statedthat the Board would verify the regulation’s wording and see if anyone was billed prematurely, according to Association rules.

Betty requested assistance to help sort through a plethora and variety of aging Associationrecords, now stockpiled in a series of cardboard boxes. Owing to legalconsiderations,the work will be limited to administrative duties only, with noaccess by volunteersto financial records or accounts. One resident tentatively agreedto aid Betty withthe file culling.

Secretary: No time to report.

Committee Reports

Architectural: No time to report.

Articles,Covenants, and By-laws: No time to report.

Roads :No time to report

Buildings, Grounds and Safety: No time to report.

Unfinished Business: No time to report.

New Business: Kareen Binter proposed holding a community wide yard sale at the common area. The event is tentatively planned from 8:00 am-2:00 pm, Saturday, 29 June 2013. All residents are invited to participate; volunteers are especially welcomed.

The meeting adjourned at 9:18 pm. Date, time, and location of the next Board of Directors meeting to be announced.