Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.
Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. serves as the governance association for the Lake Front Royal community
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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.

May 17, 2012

Digital Attachement

LFRPOA Board of Directors Meeting Draft Minutes

17 May 2012

1186 High Ridge Road

7:03 pm

Call to Order: 7:03 pm

Quorum: Michael Yoka (via video link); Betty Boyd, Bruce McClanahan; Elaine Ryan, Linda McCarthy.

Residents in attendance: Vince Ryan and Paul Smith. Minutes of last meeting: The minutes were accepted as read.

Officer’s Reports:

President: Michael continues to work with the Webmaster to bring the Lake Front Royal

site back online.

Vice President: Absent.

Treasurer: Betty reported that she had transferred $20,000 from the Association’s savings account to the checking account for snow removal in preparation of the coming winter. There was unanimous agreement among Board members that designating a set- aside amount for road plowing should be standard operating procedure, when formulating an annual Association budget. According to Betty, all Association obligations are paid and current to date. Betty continues her commendable work, aggressively encouraging delinquent property owners to resolve their outstanding maintenance fee balances. Liens and/or judgments will be actively pursued to force compliance; 25 certified letters to that effect will be sent to culpable property owners over the next few weeks. Betty added that a new Association budget will be prepared, once scheduled work on the dam is completed this spring. Betty also discussed ongoing difficulties with postal deliveries to the Association’s mailbox, specifically misdirected or lost maintenance fee payments. So far, conversations with post office officials have proved frustrating and futile. In lieu of a practical and expeditious resolution to the problem, Betty recommended that payments be sent directly to her home address. In addition, Betty reported that she had obtained a notary public commission on behalf of the Association. Betty and Elaine discussed a mobile home on the mountain that was recently cleared of 20 or so cats; Betty found homes for each of the animals. Because of the trailer’s deleterious state, exacerbated by several decomposed cat carcasses, lime will have to be spread throughout the property.

Secretary: Nothing to report.

Committee Reports

Architectural: Nothing to report.

Articles, Covenants, and By-laws: Nothing to report.

Roads: Bruce reported that Bob Lake has completed the planned grading and graveling of unpaved community roads; in addition, Bob cut approximately five miles of ditches and cleaned several existing culverts. Owing to financial constraints stemming from the coming dam upgrade, additional asphalt paving cannot be undertaken this year. Tar and chip has been proposed for repairs to existing paved roads, once the dam work is finished. Bruce also reported on damage sustained by the parking lot, which had just undergone expensive regrading and regravelling. Security measures to thwart future acts of vandalism in the mailbox and lake area, including enhanced patrols by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, are under active consideration.

Building, Grounds, and Safety: Elaine reported that the Warren County Department of Building Inspections has granted the Association an exemption to move land during the dam upgrade. Copies of the exemption will be posted around the parking lot area. Weaver Works of Madison, Virginia, will begin the necessary dam enhancements as soon as the company completes a few previously scheduled commitments. Since the dam will undergo required inspections throughout the two-week long process, the refreshed structure should be in compliance with the state code governing dams owned and maintained by private entities. As part of her outstanding efforts on behalf of the lake and dam, Elaine reported she had successfully convinced the Commonwealth of Virginia that the Association was due $6,600; this amount represents one-half the cost of design work necessitated by the dam project. Elaine took note of Kevin Barry’s ongoing professionalism and dedication, maintaining the common areas and removing trash and debris throughout the mountain. For that, Elaine moved that Kevin receive an increase in his hourly wage. Linda seconded, and the motion carried by a voice vote.

Unfinished Business: A suggestion proffered at the last meeting to re-stock the lake with fish once the dam upgrade is completed was discussed, with Bruce voicing concern at the proposal. Given the level of vandalism plaguing the parking lot and lake area, some members of the Board felt adding fish to the lake would only encourage further difficulties from unauthorized visitors and assorted miscreants. The matter was tabled until a future meeting.

New Business: A date and location for the Annual Meeting was briefly discussed; details to follow.

The meeting adjoined at 8:08 pm.

The next regularly scheduled Board meeting will be held at Michael’s house on

Thursday, 23 August 2012 at 7:00 pm.