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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. serves as the governance association for the Lake Front Royal community
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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.

Annual Meeting Edition-September 2017

Digital Attachement


Dear Neighbors,

There are several problems currently facing our community. Speeding, the recent car break-ins, and trash accumulation come readily to mind. Perhaps though, the biggest problem is the continuing division concerning the hostile takeover by the county, against the majority vote.

I've been asked about the county problem several times. Why don't we give up, sign the contract, give the county ownership of the lake and dam? It's really very simple. What they did was wrong and everybody knows it. Even the small handful of  residents who participated know it was wrong. That's why they're so eager to "forget it" and "move on".The lies, back door antics, collusion, and failure to act in accordance with the majority vote are not acceptable. Acquiescing to the county does not benefit the community.

Speeding continues to be a major problem .Seriously folks, SLOW DOWN! Someone . is going to kill a pet or a child on our roads, and what for? Saving 5 seconds on their commute? Is it worth it? What if that child or dog was yours? Would you accept the excuse that the driver was in a hurry? Think about that the next time you're doing 50mph on the mountain.

Littering is disgusting! I can't figure out why people would want to throw trash on the roads and in the public areas of the community where they live. The county has repeatedly refused to pick up the trash even though they are responsible for the community maintenance. There have been several community members who have taken it upon themselves to pick up the trash on the roads and in the common areas and the community thanks you for your efforts! There has been a suggestion of a community clean-up of volunteers to gather the trash. The concern here is if someone were to get hurt on glass or metal, or get stuck with a needle, or run over by a speeder, and the liability problems that come with an injury. Take down the plate numbers of anyone you see tossing trash out and report them, ask your neighbors at the lake to pick up after themselves. We can do better than this!

Recently, there have been several car break-ins. Please remember not to leave valuables in your vehicles and to keep them locked.

Lastly, as I watch the Harvey disaster continuing to unfold and Irma churning her way towards the United States, I would suggest that everyone have a family emergency plan. I remember Isabel and being without power and water for several days!There are many examples of emergency plans to be found on the internet, including on the sites of FEMA and the Red Cross. Take a look and be prepared, especially as we

move into the winter months. We were lucky last year with no snow or ice to speak of, but I doubt that will continue.

Take Care, Azlee Bates

LFRPOA President