Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.
Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. serves as the governance association for the Lake Front Royal community
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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.

March 29, 2016

Digital Attachement

LFRPOA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Chester Gap Fire House

Front Royal, Va.


Wednesday, March 29, 2016

Call to order: Azlee Bates (President) at 6:00pm.

BOD in attendance: Azlee Bates (President), Bruce Hunter (Vice President), Betty Boyd (Treasurer), Dale Spurlock (Grounds), Ken Harvey (Architecture), Robert Hooker (Secretary), Absent – Ricky Singleton (Roads)

Quorum Met: Yes

Residents in attendance: Barbara Harris, David Harris, Andrea Meres, Roger Stephens

Minutes of last meeting: Have been submitted to the WEB master for posting.

Appointment of Bruce Hunter as Vice President


President: Brought up the concerns of some residents’ about jail inmates working on clearing the roadway sides. The matter was discussed and it was revealed that the workers are very low risk inmates and that they are scheduled to work at hours that would not make them present during times that children are scheduled to use the roads for school.

Vice President: Bruce noted that he is currently reviewing the bylaws to bring them up to date.

Treasurer: Reported that as of date the amount collected for our POA dues is $27,500. The amount that is expected for the total is $29,162, so we are at a 94% collection rate thus far.

Secretary: Brought to attention a letter from a concerned resident about the $100 dues that were required from the LFRPOA. The discussion that ensued explained what the dues are for, as itemized in the attached letter accompanying the bill. It was also noted that the funds listed in our budget for maintaining the dam were also collected by the county in their Dec. 2016 billing. As a response from S/D advisory board members it was shown that the money the county collected was diverted to roads to be used for road Improvements.

Architectural: Brought up the issue of the $1500 fee for doing new construction work. The discussion focused on rather the amounts charged for different projects was fair. The preference of the Architectural chair was that this should be a matter for the county to handle. It was also revealed that the county BOS is scheduled to discuss the matter in the near future.

Grounds and Safety: Noted that the dam has been inspected and certified for the next two years (with another inspection due in one year.) Also, it was brought out that we are having problems with the lighting in the parking lot area. REC has been made aware of the problem and is currently trying to resolve the problem. Another issue brought up is that person or persons have cut a hole in the fence surrounding the lake. In subsequent conversations Mr. Spurlock has monitored the fence hole and has concerns that it is still being used.

Roads and Maintenance: None


  1. Budget Discussion: There was further discussion about the LFR budget and associated dues for the upcoming 2017 year. In particular it was noted that the lake and dam would remain in the ownership of LFR so there are costs associated for that maintenance. Also, the total cost for legal fees was talked about and it was determined that this cost is due to us still pursuing delinquent payments. One resident had adamant concerns about why we were being billed when the county had already collected from us. The majority agreed that the dues were fair and necessary.
  2. Roadway work: There was discussion about the work that is currently being done to cut back brush and trees along the road way sides. This has been a popular agenda for many residents and a part of routine maintenance. There is concern from some about the severity of some of the trees that are being cut and also about the mowing of the milk weed plants that (used) lined our roads. The milk weed plants attracted many Monarch Butterflies that visited us every summer. They will not continue to come back it there is no milk weed for them to lay their eggs on. It would be wise for anyone who has the plants in their yards to preserve them.