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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. serves as the governance association for the Lake Front Royal community
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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.

Dec. 29, 2015

Digital Attachement

LFRPOA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - DRAFT

Samuels Public Library

White Meeting Room B

330 E. Criser Rd, Front Royal, VA 22630

Dec 29, 2015 6:00 pm

Call to Order:              

Meeting was called to 6:03 pm

BOD In Attendance:    

Azlee Bates (President), Betty Boyd (Treasurer), Elaine Ryan (Building, Grounds and Safety Committee Chair),Ricky Singleton (Roads Committee Chair), Keith Odgen (Architectural Committee Chair) late, Bettie Barry( Vice-President) late.

Members in Attendance:

Allen and Kathy Nee!, Charles and Sharon Gomowich, Tom and Beth Hurley, Andrea Meres and Kevin Barry

Officer’s Reports


Azlec Bates reported it has been decided all officers and committee chairs will keep their current positions. The Secretary position remains open. Azlee will advertise the position on the web site and the bulletin board. Kathy Nee! asked on how the duties of the secretary was going to be handled? Azlec said they would have lo share the duties between among the rest of the board. Betty Boyd asked if Kathy Nee! would write up the minutes for this meeting, since she was recording the meeting anyway. Kathy Neel agreed to transcribe and e-mail a copy to Azlee. Kathy Neel said it would take her about 7 days.

Vice President:    None

Treasurer:            None

Secretary:            None

Committee Reports


Keith reported that he has received many complaints from safety issues, tlaggers who weren't visible, debris left in the ditches and cutting across resident's property by the sub-contracted company via Rappahannock Electric Co. They are in the process of replacing poles to raise the lines to lessen power outages. Keith is especially conccm with compacted debris left in the drainage ditches. Keith was told Rappahannock were aware of the issues, but couldn't do anything until the main supervisor came back from out of town. Keith has not been able to talk to the main supervisor at Rappahannock about the issues because the supervisor is away. Keith will follow up and discuss the concerns once the supervisor is back in town. Rappahannock are scheduled to come out late winter to clear vegetation from their right a ways.

Articles, Covenants, and By-Laws: None

Buildings, Grounds, Safety:          

Elaine Ryan reported the dam/lake inspection required by the state is due in 2016. She will inspect the dam/lake and make a report to the state. The report is done on-line.


Ricky reported he and Betty Boyd met with the engineer, Mr. Dan J. Hotek, P.E. on October 13, 2015. Mr. Hotek refers our road bridge as a "pipe overflow structure." Atfer a thorough inspection his report says the structure isfine for now, but it was important to go ahead with the RAP. He recommends repairs be made "per VDOT standards" to "improve long term durability." There is a full report on the bulletin board and on the web site under the "News." also commented on the much needed patch job on the paved roads. He is very disappointed with the work Diamond Paving did and he doesn't blame the residents for being upset. He is in the process of talking with them about coming back and correcting the work. Ricky suggested Azlee to write them a letter. Diamond Paving had received a deposit. Final payment has not and will not be made until Ricky is satisfied. A member voiced concem about the pot holes on the "pipe overflow." Because of the RAP, the board doesn't want to invest a lot of money on that part of the road, but they will fill the pot holes with some cold patch.

Unfinished Business

Azlee reported that the Rural Addition Program will be fully funded by the state and county in June 2016. They will come out and assess the area, draw permits and draw up plans. These plan will have to be looked at and approved by the community, sometime during the winter of 2016. It will bring the road from 522 to the T up toVDOT standards. Replace the "overflow pipe," reconfigure the parking lot. Reconfiguring the parking lot would move the mailboxes to a different area ofthe parking lot. Push back the parking lot a certain amount of feet, yet to be determine. This would allow for the school buses to be allowed to cross over and enter the parking lot topick up and drop off the school children. Some sort of covered structure could be built for the children to protectthem from the weather. The school buses are not allowed to cross over onto private roads and the weight of the buses. It was asked what impact on the Neel's and the Gleason's property lines. Azlee said it would depend onthe plans and VDOT and the county would come and discuss it with those two homeowners. After the programis completed, all responsibility of maintenance and repairs for the bridge and the road would be VDOT's, whichwould relieve financial responsibility from the board and community. Final plans would be completed by February 2017, with construction starting July of 2017, completed in November 2017. Azlec said after the program is over we could continue applying for funding to improving and turning over to VDOT more of our roads. This would aide in relieving financial burdens for the board and the community. Kathy Neel asked for clarification of when the community's part of the funding was due? Azlee said our part would be due June of 2017. Betty, our treasurer said the billing was going out next week. Allen Neel asked how was the collection was going with the 1st installment of the special assessment. Betty said it was "going really well." Allen Neel asked if we knew how much has been collected. Betty said she didn't "know off the top of her head." Allan Kneel requested an approximate accounting Betty Boyd said she would email him an estimate of the total monies collected tram the first installment of the RAP.

On the official web page there is two tabs on the top. One says "Fees" and one says "RAP." BB&T is workingwith SavvyGents to enable on line bill payment for the community. Azlee tested it by paying her RAP fee. Sheshowed us her receipt. You can only use a debit card or a credit card. There is a fcc of 3% plus 45 cents eachtime. Azlee payment of $200 with the charges turned to $206.45. A member asked if there were any other fees.the answer was "no". It was asked if you were paying both your annual fees and the RAP, would it be 2 separatefees. The answer was "yes," because there are two separate accounts. One for annual and one for the RAP. Itwas asked if it was mandatory to use the on line banking? The answer was "no." They will still accept checks ormoney orders. They will not accept cash. When you go online to pay, you will need your name, address and lotnumber. If you don't know your lot number contact Betty Boyd at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any problems withthe on-line banking contact Azlee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The bylaws will have to wait until next meeting. Azlee didn't have the time to make the changes. J\s requestedby some of the members at the annual meeting, some of the bylaws needed written details.

Question Time:

Charles Gornowich had a question about the new house on Oak Heights with their drainage. He was concerned because they didn't put a "pipe overflow'' under the driveway and he was concern when we get heavy rains the water would flow over the driveway. Keith said he had looked at it during construction. Not all roads had drainage ditch on both sides. Keith had also talked to the builder. The placement of the driveway and the way the property slopes there should be no issues. Charles Gornowich thanked Keith. 

Beth Hurley asked about clarification on the sheds. She read on-line several requirements from the county and what the associations requirements. Keith look it up and as long as the shed was no larger than 14 by 14, she wouldn't need a permit or notify the association. She read distance from the road and property lines had to be considered. A member said the shed had to be place certain amount of feet lrorn property lines and it had to beplaced in back of the house not in front. The shed also can't be put on the septic field. Keith agreed. Betty Boyd said she would send Beth Hurley's Keith Ogden's e-mail in case she had any more questions.

Beth Hurley also had a question about the budget, being new to the neighborhood and not knowing any history. She was concern looking at the budget for this year, it looked like the expenses would impact the "reserve."Betty Boyd our treasurer said the "reserve" or "emergency fund" has never been touched and the $10,000 is held in a separate account. Beth Hurley asked if the numbers changed with how much snow removal is needed. Betty answered yes. She said she has seen winters where they have had to spend $25,000-$29,000 and somewhere they only had to spend maybe $15,000-$17,000. Betty Boyd also explained having to update the dam tomeet state requirements took a large toll on the community's finances. The dam should have had a "special assessment,"instead of taking the money from the regular maintenance account.

Beth Hurley commented it seem to be several vacant properties on the mountain and she was concerned aboutIces being collected. Betty Boyd explained that some of them were "summer houses" some were "foreclosures. Beth Hurley if there were means to collect unpaid fees in place. Betty Boyd and Azlee both said "yes." Azlee stressed that with the RAP program the special assessment fees, depending on what the final expense is, the third year assessment could he lowered.

Allen Neel asked if the members would be kept up on the status of the collection rates of the RAP. Azlee sure. Betty said she could e-mail him the rate.

Azlee asked if there were any more question.

Adjournment: 6:45pm