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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. serves as the governance association for the Lake Front Royal community
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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.

March 30, 2015

Digital Attachement

LFRPOA Board of Directors DRAFT Meeting Minutes

Samuels Public Library

White Meeting Room B

330 E. Criser Rd, Front Royal, VA 22630

March 30, 2015 6:30 pm

Call to Order:               Meeting was called to order at 6:35pm

BOD In Attendance: Azlee Bates (President), Betty Boyd (Treasurer), Andrea Meres (Secretary), Keith Ogden (Architectural Chair), Ricky Singleton (Roads Chair)

BOD Absent:                 Elizabeth Barry (Vice-President), Elaine Ryan (Building, Grounds, Safety Committee Chair)

Quorum Met                Yes

Members in Attendance: David Jones (C21), Roger Boyd (K2), Sharon and Charlie Gonowich (D16), Steve Aloi (G9), Allen and Kathy Neel (A1 & A2)

Minutes of Last BOD Meeting: Meeting minutes from November 5, 2014 BOD meeting were not available at the meeting. Approval of those minutes was tabled for the next meeting and will be posted to the website for members to read prior to the scheduled meeting.

Officer’s Reports

President:            See Unfinished and New Business items discussed below. Azlee briefly reviewed the new meeting ground rules made available by handout.

Vice President:    None

Treasurer:            None

Secretary:                             Andrea announced that the Common Interest Community Management Information Fund Regulations were revised effective March 2015. The revisions to the regulations included a change to the annual registration renewal fees received on or before June 30, 2016. The new fee is $10 regardless of the size of the association until June 30, 2016. A copy of the new regulation has been added to the POA’s regulation binder. Andrea also provided information on a POA leadership training provided by the CICB that was coming up in April. Although insufficient time to make arrangements for this training, there was interest expressed by other members of the BOD to attend a future training. Andrea announced that the Board has been working on a formal format to document policies and procedures for the POA and three new policies will be reviewed and voted on later in the agenda.

Committee Reports

Architectural:      None

Articles, Covenants, and By-Laws: None

Buildings, Grounds, Safety:                None

Roads Committee: None

Unfinished Business

  1. Lake access: Azlee reviewed previous efforts to increase lake access by placing boulders to protect sensitive areas of the lake, which so far have been unsuccessful. Keith proposed a less expensive alternative of placing pipe (2 in. galvanized) railings, 18 in. above ground that would go down the left side of the driveway and around the turnaround to protect the dry-hydrant. The fence would remain up at the parking area, but the gate would remain open to allow access. Keith will take measurements and obtain pricing for this project. Question from floor whether we could complete the work ourselves to reduce cost. Answer – would depend on how many volunteers we could get and the cost of this option. Question from the floor on how mower would access area. Keith explained that the mower could access area through a swivel access that could be opened with a key. Question from the floor on the liability of having piping (kids walking on railing). This will have to be checked on with insurance company.
  2. Replacement of the driving bridge – Special Meeting: Azlee has tried to get interest and quotes from independent contractors with no success. There was some question about the types of guarantees and warranties the POA would be able to get when working with independent contractors as opposed to going through the State’s Rural Additional Program (RAP), a program allows private subdivision roads to be brought up to State standards and into State maintenance. Azlee proposed holding a special meeting of the members of the POA to discuss the POA’s participation in the RAP in order to replace the driving bridge, which is a critical and urgent need for the community. Given its current condition, estimates are that the lifespan of the bridge is about 5 more years. If the bridge is deemed unsafe by the County, they can refuse to allow emergency equipment to pass over the bridge and there will be no emergency response to the Lake Front Royal community (precedent set with Shangrala development last year). Azlee would like to try to get Doug Stanley, County Administrator to attend, but he will only commit to participating in such a meeting if the POA would confirm a higher attendance of the members than has normally attended past meetings. Azlee briefly reviewed what the RAP program was and LFRPOAs participation in the program which would require the BOD to levy a special assessment in order to raise that portion of the funding that the POA would have to contribute – 25% of an estimated $600,000, or roughly $160,000. If the LFRPOA participates in the program, and has collected the sufficient funding, construction on a new bridge would begin around July 2017. Everyone present agreed on the need for a special meeting of the members and an Announcement would be posted on the community bulletin board and website to solicit participation. If sufficient response is received, the BOD will schedule a meeting with Doug Stanley. Question from the floor as to whether the BOD could vote to levy the special assessment without member vote. Answer – Yes, if the BOD could prove it is in the best interest of the community, but the BOD would first like to try to get the memberships support. Question from floor as to whether the parking area would become State property. Answer – No, that will still be LFRPOA property. Discussion was held about where the bus stop would be moved to allow the bus to come across the bridge.

New Business

  1. Newell complaint: The Treasurer read into the record the formal complaint received from Alyssa Newell on November 3, 2014. The complainant was notified by phone of the BOD’s receipt of the complaint on November 4th at 5:24 pm. The Treasurer read the complaint of an alleged violation of the code of conduct and state defamation of character laws by Azlee Bates, LFRPOA President, by posts she made on the website against A. Newell’s tenant, H. White. The complainant will receive a written response of the BOD’s findings and response to the complaint by certified letter.
  2. Sanitary District Survey results: 138 total votes out of 67 returned surveys. 60 voted Yes in support of becoming a Sanitary District, 77 voted No, 1 undecided. The BOD will not support a petition for Sanitary District at this time since there is insufficient support from the community, but this could change sometime in the future with another vote in favor of a Sanitary District. Question from the floor as to whether the BOD had to support the petition for the Sanitary District. Answer was no, but in order for the funding (legal fees) to come from the LFRPOA budget, the majority of residents would need to support it.
  3. CPA Review and transparency: The CPA has gone through the financials through 2014. Tax returns and quarterly financial reports will be posted on the LFRPOA website. Question from the floor regarding no email notifications being received when something is posted to the website and they have subscribed to the weekly bulletin (should be an automatic email). Azlee will check with the webmaster on the problem.
  4. Online payments: Azlee has been communicating with BB&T Bank regarding an on-line payment process to collect LFRPOA member fees. There is a potential to add an online payment feature through the LFRPOA website with a third-party vendor, but there would be a convenience fee added to the transaction, paid by the member. Azlee will continue exploring this option. Question from the floor regarding the security of the feature. Azlee responded that our webmaster and the BB&T IT department supplies the security. Service will cost about $25 a month. Idea from the floor – have member set up auto-payments through their own banks. Azlee will look into the auto-payment option and how funds would be received.
  5. Road work: Ricky (Roads Chair) and Azlee have been reviewing the condition of the roads. Ricky will be prioritizing the roads for re-graveling and other repairs. BOD needs to look at getting contractor in to do the repairs on the paved portions of the roads where it is breaking up. The BOD is having trouble securing a reliable contractor (past contacts have either not responded or not followed-through with providing an estimate). This year’s goal is to have all of the graveled side roads graded and re-graveled (has been at least 10-12 years since all roads have been graveled) and get all roads back into general condition. Suggestion made that annual budget should designate at least $10,000 each year for grading and graveling. Long term goal may be to go to tar and chip. The BOD is having difficulty getting a contractor to agree to come out and provide an estimate. Several suggestions were made from the floor for contractors to repair the paved roads including Diamond Paving, Fort Valley Paving, AW Ritenour, Hugh Henry, and A1 Paving. Ricky will continue the effort to secure a reliable contractor for repairing the paved portion of the roads. Question from the floor regarding a master plan for paving all the roads and what the yearly and future goals would be to have the roads paved. Azlee agreed that there is a need for such a plan and the BOD should work toward that. Suggestion from the floor to raise the annual dues by the CPI each year to help fund road improvements.
  6. Architectural Guidelines corrections (handout): The BOD reviewed the revisions to the Guidelines. Clarifications were added to distinguish the $5,000 new construction fee and the $1,500 fee for additions to existing homes (#6). These fees are collected since this type of construction requires heavy equipment that damage the roads. Item #7 was revised and items # 14, 15, and 16 have been added to the Guidelines to address maintaining culverts, fencing, and sheds. Question from the floor whether the fees collected would be earmarked for funding the roads. Azlee agreed that they should and the BOD would consider setting up a separate fund specifically for supporting the road development/maintenance.
  7. New policy implementation (handouts): 3 handouts provided for attendees and were posted to the bulletin board prior to the meeting: LFRPOA Community Bulletin Board Policy, Member POA Accounts Payment Policy, Delinquent LFRPOA Member Accounts – Collections Policy. All Policies were unanimously approved by the BOD for implementation.

Meeting adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 8:48 pm