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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. serves as the governance association for the Lake Front Royal community
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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.

2020 Annual Newsletter

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Greetings Lake Front Royal Neighbors

The year is coming to a close and we would like to take a few minutes to update everyone on the various news and happenings from around the community.

Annual Board Meeting

November 7th at the Warren County Government Center, 220 North Commerce Ave., Suite 100, Front Royal VA 22630 beginning at 6PM.

We have many new neighbors this year so this is to let you know who does what. The maintenance of the roads in the community is handled, and will continue to be handled, by Warren County.  We have recently gotten the County to maintain the parking lot, mailboxes and the lake and dam areas.  We are currently in negotiations with the County for a contract that would formalize and expand those agreements and improve the overall maintenance of those areas and lower operating costs. This has also allowed the POA to stop charging a separate fee for this maintenance as well as other Corporate obligations and reduce many of the administrative duties currently managed by the POA Board of Directors. Our goal is to have the contract signed by the end of the year.

As you have probably noticed, there has been a lot of new construction in the community in recent months as well as many new home owners (22).  At present, we have exceeded the number of mailboxes that we have available for the community. That means that owners of any new homes that are built will have to acquire a box at the post office in town to receive their mail.  In addition, the mailboxes that we do have are obsolete and many of them are broken.    We are currently in the design phase of an upgraded mailbox area and new mailboxes. Installation requirements imposed by the U.S. Postal Service dictate certain aspects of what we can and cannot do with regards to new mailboxes but we believe construction will begin in November.

One of the biggest issues that the board has been trying to resolve since the end of 2018 is updating the financial records for the community.  As we worked through what records were available, we found that many accounts were either under or overpayed over the course of many years.  We have paid any community member that had overpaid and unfortunately had to send 84 accounts to collections. Total sent to collections was $79,000 for which we have now collected $57,000. Sorting through these records was a tedious process but one that had to be done in order to amend our tax returns and ease members minds that their money is being monitored and used in a professional manner.

Projects completed this year:

  • 16 Drainage pipes installed
    • 14 Road Culverts
    • 2 Private entrance
  • Repair of paving on Mountain Heights and Highridge roads
  • County agreements/contract
  • Required maintenance and State approval of the Dam
  • Purchased mailboxes to be placed in a new shelter. The funds to do this were available by the collection of past due fees.

It is that time of the year when we call for nominations of new board members and announce the date and time of our annual meeting.

There are four positions open this year.  In order to be considered on the ballot the nominee must be a property owner, on the deed, and be in good standing with the community.  Good standing in accordance with the VA Property Owners Association Act and the LFRPOA by-laws means the nominee is current in their dues.  In our case that means the County as well as the POA. Appointments of seats will be made at the annual meeting. 

We have seen very little community participation in the past in our meetings which are held at least once a quarter. Remember this is your community and your imput as to how it is run and where the money is used is openly accepted and solicited by the board, please attend if possible. If you are unable to attend meetings, here are two important websites to help keep community members up to date with things going on in the community, you do not need a login for either site:

Have a great Holiday Season.

Robert Roush

LFRPOA, President