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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc. serves as the governance association for the Lake Front Royal community
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Lake Front Royal Property Owners Association, Inc.

Quarterly Board of Directors Meeting

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Lake Front Royal POA

Quarterly Board of Directors Meeting

Chester Gap Fire Department

May 25, 2021

The second quarterly Lake Front Royal POA Board of Directors meeting took place on May 25, 2021. President Bob Roush called the annual Board of Directors meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Those in attendance and constituting the quorum were:

Board Members:


Bob Roush, President

Ken Harvey, Treasurer

Paul Castle, Chair

Jim Barnes, Vice President

Maria Darie, Secretary

Others Present:

3 other owners: Jeff Stoner (664 Highridge Rd); Joe and Deb Goecker (793 Highridge Rd)

3 participants from Warren County (Travis Jones, Michael D. Coffelt, Michael Berry)

Intro to the meeting

Mr. Roush started the meeting by introducing two motions:

MOTION by Mr. Roush:  Move to approve the agenda for the meeting.

Seconded by Mr. Barnes and passed without dissent.

MOTION by Mr. Roush:  Move to approve the Minutes from the March 16th, 2021 Board of Directors meeting.

Seconded by Mr. Barnes and passed without dissent.

President’s Report covered the following items:

  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
  • Financial Analysis for CIP/Paving

Mr. Roush distributed to those present in the meeting a capital Improvement Program (CIP) which was submitted and approved by the County in 2016 and presented a report on each item from the list. Projects are listed on the CIP.

Project 1- Lake Front Drive is completed. Total cost $700,000

Project 2 -Intersection Control Signage is completed. Total cost $3,500

Project 3 – Rodway Warning Signage is completed. Total cost $10,000

Project 4 – Creek Road, Phase I (South end).  Total $138,750.  There was an effort to get County and State revenue sharing for this project but the state must have ownership of the road and the LFRPOA BOD does not want to give up the rights to the road. The county still has it in the plan to complete it but we as POA do not have it.

Project 5 – Community Entrance Signage. Partially completed

Project 6– Community Parking Lot. Partially completed (approximately 75%).

Project 7– Pavement Reconstruction /Rehab: In process

Project 8– Drainage Culverts: Basically complete.

Project 9– Cul-de-sac/Turn Around – will require additional discussions; the cost per Cul -de-Sac is $25,000

Project 10– Guardrails. Nothing done due to cost.

Mr. Roush suggested we need to keep at least 10 projects on the list, and asked Board members for volunteers to work on this project.

Mr. Paul Castle graciously volunteered to work with the County to update the Capital Improvement Program.

Mr. Roush thanked Mr. Castle, and moved to the second item on the agenda.

Mr. Roush moved then to the next item on the agenda –paving the roads within the Lake Front Royal Community.

Mr. Roush mentioned that paving the parking lot is not a high priority for the community.

Mr. Roush prepared and shared with the Board and attendees a Financial Analysis for CIP/Paving. Mr. Roush mentioned there are three main roads subject to this analysis

  • Mountain Heights
  • High Ridge
  • Creek Road

The analysis showed the paving estimates for Highridge road as provided by the following companies:

Kicking Asphalt $117,000

Carol Construction $144,385

John Lake Paving $229,640

The analysis also showed the following:

Paving estimates for parking lot provided by Kicking Asphalt in the amount of $28,560

Grading estimates provided by GDL in the amount of $8,450

Sealing estimates for Mountain Heights estimates provided by one contractor $36,520


Sanitary District (SD) Balances


Mr. Harvey mentioned that if the POA is using the amounts available in the reserve account we will need a quorum and a plan to pay back the amounts to the reserve account.

Mr. Barnes asked if there were any additional coverts that need to be installed on Highridge road, and if there are they would need to be installed before paving.




MOTION by Paul Castle:  Move to approve the paving of Highridge and Mountain Heights for a total of $205,530.

Seconded by Mr. Harvey and passed without dissent.

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Harvey presented Treasurer’s Report by sharing the latest financial report from QuickBooks.

Mt. Harvey mentioned the amount raised by selling POA packages for new owners ($900 for 9 homes sold), and mentioned our fees are being paid to the SD.

Secretary’s Report

Mr. Roush invited Miss Darie to present her report. Ms. Darie did not have a formal report and mentioned she take notes for the Board minutes, and posts announcement to inform POA when Board meetings are scheduled.

Other items for discussion

Access to the lake and proper parking. A short discussion took place about unauthorized access to the lake, access by outside individuals. Mr. Roush mentioned he has received threats when confronting individuals, and he mentioned that although Mr. Castle installed signage about “no trespassing, and other rules,” unauthorized users seem to still have access to the lake.

Updating the bylaws—this action will require approval by the community. A suggestion to include these with the annual correspondence at year-end was well received. The last time the bylaws were updated was in 2015 prior to becoming an SD.

Report from the County

Mr. Coffelt started his report by mentioning the transition in leadership, the audit, the computer crashes. He said she cannot present the exact amounts for the reasons mentioned above.  Mr. Coffelt than moved to present an update in general maintenance, a report on the snow budget, drainage, tree work, mowing of the sides included in the budget. He then introduced Mr. Travis Jones and praised him for his work.

Mr. Coffelt mentioned one mowing is scheduled soon, and that we have two included in the budget.

Discussion from the Community

One LFR member asked about the safety of the kids waiting for the school bus. Mr. Roush addressed his concern.

Next meeting

Mr. Roush suggested the Board will meet again in the summer.

After a brief discussion the Board agreed that the next meeting will be schedule for Sunday August 1st 7:00 pm, at the Lake Front Royal. This meeting will be an opportunity for the community to come together during the summer cookout.

MOTION by Bob Roush:  Motion to adjourn the meeting.

Seconded by Mr. Barnes, motion was adopted without dissent.

The meeting closed at 8:25 pm.